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Sri Sidhi Vinayak Laminate & Plywood Gallery


Dealer in Exclusive Laminates, Plywoods, Veneer, Wallpapers, ACP Sheets, Wooden Flooring Etc.


Exclusive Laminates
Exclusive Laminates INR 0 INR 0 Dramatize your interiors, without compromising on safety. Merino presents Halogen Free FR+ Fire Retardant Laminates that are safe, harmless, and sturdy; and come in exquisite designs and colours. Manufactured by treating papers with specially developed fire retardant chemicals. FR+ Fire Retardant Laminates are resistant to flame. The fire retardant chemical used is halogen free hence it significantly reduces the risk of toxic smoke. True 1451459877
Veneer INR 0 INR 0 Using veneers on your home and office furniture puts it in a different class altogether. However at times, it becomes difficult to visualise how a certain design will look on the actual bed, cabinet, wall unit or dresser. You can use our veneer visualiser to check out how the different veneer designs will look on different furniture items. Just choose a room layout that is similar to yours, select a furniture item and try different designs as you like. True 1451460112
Plwoods INR 0 INR 0 Plywood is a versatile building material which has applications in many interior and exterior surfaces. It is one of the most durable materials available and it can provide an excellent foundation for your building. We at Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd., have been providing the best quality plywood for over 55 years. All the timbers that we use are hand-picked from forests across the world. These timbers are seasoned and chemically treated to make our plywood durable, long lasting and resistant to termites and borers. These then undergo a unique THT treatment, a technique that ensures optimum treatment of moisture. True 1451459452
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#152/11, 36th Cross, 2nd Block Rajajinagar 560010
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